Enterprise Web 2.0 Services

Wizards Technologies | Techwizz helps you quickstart your organization's Web 2.0 initiative. Enterprise Web 2.0 supported by SaaS and PaaS helps companies grow their revenue, provide better customer experiences and achieve greater market share and competitive advantage. We help organizations build Web 2.0 and leverage Social Media in these areas.


Wizards Technologies | Techwizz Representative Web 2.0 Engagements

Below are some of Wizards Technologies | Techwizz Web 2.0 engagements

  • Development of a rich UI project management intranet for a $2bn multi-location engineering company with several hundred active users.
  • Creation of an online directory website with single click action to call features using VoIP and RIA technologies.
  • Web enablement of a complex syndicated salary survey portal for a leading professional service provider to the financial services industry with a global user community.
  • Using RIA technology to provide complex search and categorization for a complex parts management system.
  • Semantic technology-based search and extraction of large amounts of unstructured information utilizing a Web services interface to a Semantic engine and the .NET framework.
  • Web Services for vendor partner integration for online retailers.
  • User generated content and collaboration for
  • Collaborative portal for recruiters that leverages a social network (e.g., LinkedIn)