Wizards Technologies | Techwizz products are progressing uninterruptedly with more and more features getting added to those of the existing ones, investing in adding more features in-house calls for allocating costly resources. The challenge is to balance this with releasing the added features quickly for gaining maximum impact.

Wizards Technologies | Techwizz essential group has plentiful years of development experience focused on building routine business applications to numerous industry verticals across universal geographies. The product improvement facilities announce new landscapes and functionality to prevailing goods built on altering business requirements and competitive market dynamics for our clients. One of the biggest rewards of using Wizards Technologies | Techwizz for product improvement is our ability to spread our own development resources to meet precise client necessities.

Our engineers and specialists get tangled from the very starting to recognize the prevailing product planning and describe customer requests for improvements. Our engineers then cooperate with Client Company to originate with anticipated results in the briefest conceivable time frame.

TradeON – mini ERP

Integrated suite of business solution that connects all key functions of business and empowers businesses with extensive configurable parameters that makes it fit to their exact needs.


Connects branches, track freights, optimizes freight storage time, improves freight loading & route management, increases revenue through better utilization of freight storage space, improves customer relationships and enables management to access real-time business critical data.


Manage your human resources, administer employee appraisals and maintain employee benefits accurately and efficiently. Integrated with payroll, PayEdge is flexible to adapt to regulatory changes that are bound to change on government directives.


  • Definition of requirements
  • Product Design
  • Product Development
  • Product Enhancement
  • Product Migration
  • Product Support & Maintenance
  • Product Implementation
  • Testing & QA
  • Documentation
  • Architecture design

Advantages with Wizards Technologies | Techwizz products include:

  • Enriched time to market and quicker market diffusion
  • Amplified excellence and condensed progress and care
  • Better management because of availability of skilled resources
  • Introduction of innovative features as per market requirements
  • Expertise on variety of engineering methodologies and selection of most appropriate methodology.