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Wizards Technologies | Techwizz Solutionsis an IT consulting and Services Company founded in March 2006. Running its operations from its base in Bangalore with 100+ strong work forces. Wizards Technologies | Techwizz offers Product Development, Application Development, Web Development, Outsourced IT Managed & Infrastructure services, IT Staffing and Technology Consulting services to its clients across the globe.

Wizards Technologies,Techwizz furnishes both services and products to companies ranging from startups to fortune 500’s. Wizards Technologies | Techwizz supplies a broad range of IT applications solutions and services including; e-Business solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation and Post Implementation Support, Application Development, Application Maintenance, Customizations and Remote Database Administration Services.

Wizards Technologies,Techwizz offer a wide range of services in the areas of analysis, design, development, and maintenance of various IT systems. Its services are designed to help our clients generate revenue, reduce costs, and access information necessary to operate their business on a timely basis. Wizards Technologies | Techwizz is a leading provider of advanced consulting and development services specializing in the next generation Internet applications. It also provides high quality, cost effective strategic solutions to customers.

Wizards Technologies,Techwizz offers professional consulting services to help clients meet their staffing challenges. AtUNISON TECH, our strength is our People. We specialize in finding the consultant’s best matched to specific project requirements. Working in close collaboration with a client, our recruitment team will identify which resources need to be supplemented and on what basis they should be taken on to best suit the needs of the company. Today, businesses need to be pro-active and flexible to meet unforeseen challenges. They are also under pressure to guarantee the technical competency of resources, to make cost savings and meet project deadlines. To meet such challenges, companies need to be flexible. One important area is that of human resources. Companies need to hire flexible resources cost-effectively, where possible avoiding taking on any long-term risk or liability.